Made in Australia and loved Worldwide
Made in Australia and loved Worldwide
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Ribs and Burgers

So many great places to eat is Sydney and Australia. If you have children or not you can always find a resonably priced and tasty meal. 

Ribs and Burgers is just one of those places. delicious home cooked ribs and Burgers, dripping with flavor and a pink special sause that will make your mouth want more. The home cut chips and creamy milk shakes are a must to wash the burger down. Sticky fingers , no problems they have a sink in the resturant. once you place your order and received your bucket of napkins and sauce take a seat and the burgers will be with you in a few minutes.

If it is a relaxing long leisurely dinner and fine dining then i suggest somewhere else, Ribs and Burgers is a great get in and get out place, somewhere to take the kids on their birthday or a quick meal before a show. 

With my posts on Kissing Cockatoo i will recommend places to go and things to do. I do not receive payment for my posts and will only suggest places if I go myself.



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