Made in Australia and loved Worldwide
Made in Australia and loved Worldwide
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SAILORMADE create bags, wallets and accessories from recycled sailcloth. Great design, quality and sustainability are at the heart of what we do.

The hand made products are designed and manufactured with the rugged Australian beach lifestyle in mind. Don't be afraid to treat them rough.  

Launched by Scott Sparks in 2014 to help raise environmental awareness and upcycle sailing materials into great products, he was soon joined by his wife Sophie to run the good ship SAILORMADE together. They love what we do and hope you will too. 



Sailing is great but it needs to be more environmentally aware. The modern sailing boats we race and mess about in are not brilliant for the environment. The plastics, glue and paints used to build the boats, the chemicals and resins used to maintain sail shape and extend working life are harsh. What's worse is they have a relatively short life, most racing sails have only a few years in them at best, after that they generally end up in landfill. At SAILORMADE they don't like that. No-one does, which is why they up cycle them into new useful things.

They try to incorporate interesting sail details in all of our range, be it part of a sail number, a sail makers logo or a sail seam.  The products can have the tell tale marks that come from a life on the ocean, it's real and proof of a genuine up cycled product. 

Living and working on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Australia. 

Why not drop in and say Hi or visit them at Manly Markets.! Tell them I sent you.

Visit the our workshop 6/18 West Street, Brookvale. NSW 2100 

Call  02 8054 8191




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