Made in Australia and loved Worldwide
Made in Australia and loved Worldwide
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About us

Thank you for stopping by and visiting Kissing đź’‹Cockatoo.
My name is Britta and the creator of everything that sparkles on this page.

I live in the sunny Sydney Australia, mum to 6 beautiful children and engaged to the man of my dreams.

Creativity has always been in my life from modelling, art director, designer , and now art and rhinestones are my passion. 

You will find me in my studio most days, music playing, coffee next to me and a smile on my face. Its like playing every day.

When I’m not covered in rhinestones and paint I love the beach, going out for breakfasts catching up with friends and just snuggling up to my children. 

I have had my struggles through life and that has made me the person I am today. I take mental health seriously and I support children’s addictions and the white ribbon 🎀 movement.

Please love the ones close to you and hold them even closer. 

May your world be filled with glitter and rhinestones. 

Xx Britta Glitter

61 2 (0412) 266585

If you would like to see more products please have a look at our Etsy store as well. kissingcockatoo